BioArt project

An installation about VEINS is in a making process at Zavod/Institute Kersnikova /Biotehna Lab.


I am exploring veins as a pattern which is responsible to carry life most important ingiridients and information from point A to point B. I am curious to present it by the roots and veins of life plants, their transpiration system and kondenzation.

The plan is to make a  sphere of two plants:

-one will represent a human -cointaining human blood

-another will contain a pigment which will tie to H2O, Caluim and Calcium (both ingridients flow only in plants veins).





At the same time we are developing a DIY Sap Flow sensor which goal is to measure a plants pulz (measuring temperatures in the plants stem). Its measurments will be translated into sounds, identifying the time of liquid exchange in the plants stems.



Finally, my goal is to present veins as a pattern which is a life importance system, not only in our bodies and plants but all over the planet.

Rivers and oceans are connected by water veins, our cities and villages are connected by roads, builing a web which is seen from the Universe.


It is all functioning by vein patterns or system.

To find a vein of water is as finding a life.