test #4: Carnivour Sarracenia – Cobra Lily : Human blood

Carnivour Sarracenia- Cobra Lily : Human blood

(Research project about “Veins”, at Zavod Kersnikova, Ljubljana, SLO)



After a month of a break from experimenting with plants and human blood, it will come a time for a new test. This time, I will try to feed Carnivour plants (insect eating plants) with human blood.


My question or goal is still the same:

How could a plant “digest” human blood as it digests water?


So far I have been trying to inject diluted human blood (with antigloucant) to green stemed plants (Basilica and Andian Apple plant). I have also tried to mix human blood with water and antigloukant and  plasma. All 3 tests has been a faliure, due to the phisiology of plants xylem (the size of it is too small to accept human cells).

This time, I will try to feed carnivour plants with human blood (test:”4a”) and with insects dipped into human blood.


p.s.: After 2 weeks of observing this plants, they have digested 3 big flies…crazy plants!!!!