VEINS: idea #2

“To find the vain is as finiding a life.”




At Zavod Kersnikova in Ljubljana,  I am developing a Bio-technical-Art project, where I am researching the field of  “Veins” and its the most important function :


circyling of  life important liquids/ micro parts in the fast flow.


While preparing the prototip of a vacuumed jar with a young plant, I started to decompose human ingridients. I hope make a useful liquid which will be added to the plant as “a food” or “waste bacetria”.


image #1 and 2: 4 different tests of human tissue in the chemicals, image#, image#3 human blood and plasma in NaOh, image #4: Human blood, plasma, hair and nails in hydrogen peroxid.


Presented idea is the second option so far. Since February I am working on tests where we (students of microbiology) are trying to find the way of combining human tissue (Human blood and plasma, nails, hair, skin etc.) with plants tissue.

“Idea #2” is to create a selfsufficient biosystem where plants waste bacetrias and human waste tissue could produce an “eco-electricity”. *** Nevertheless, this idea is not only about making electricity and “new” bio-system, it is also about connecting two seperated systems by the energy of eachother.

It is about presenting a circyling of an energy and life important liquids: blood and water by the universal pattern of veins, which is connecting is all: bodies and the planet itself.


 We are all connected by the same tisse, the tissue of veins.


*** The idea about making an electricity out of waste plants bacteria is comming from Nederlands:, shoots, and leaves – Electricity from living plants – science