Antarctic dream-ice as architecture of the human spirit

Antarctic dream – ice as architecture of the human spirit

Vesandpage: Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke

performance based on trilogy SinFin 2012

(PERFORMANCE RESEARCH, On Ice, 18-6, pp.71-80, 2013)

This is an impressive article about the performances at Antarctica. What all has inspired me in this report is impossible to say. However, here are some quotes which made me shivered, inspired, fascinated, encouraged to make my own “walking through the landscape and flow of thoughts.”

Icy cathedrals and temples, embracing 1000 of years and yet, like gods of the moment they crack in an instant, splashing, sinking, to finaly disappear when their time has come.”

“In the sphere of time, there is no distance, no emptiness, no rooms.”

Everything films, each minute everything turns, different everywhere and still it’s frozen again, inseminated by the infinite.

If we wish to know ourselfs truly, we have to sit down first, inside our fears and than inside our void, there, where to become humble, harmonious.”

We must seize the moment as it passes quickly.”

The geometry of nature reflects the patteren of life.”

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Unfortunately there is no free option to get this article by web site. Therefore I am attaching a link to a version of it.(pdf)