Disembodied landscapes


I have found an inspirational article of ” EMBODIED LANDSCAPES”, which inspired me to develop my installation: to see it as a true landscape, which needs to be explored, mapped and discovered individually.


“Walking in the landscape paralleled excavating the archive, as distant voices which belong elsewhere, intervened in the present to guide and to re-orient our way of knowing a place and past.”

“Knowing the place is a reflexive act of self-discovery, as orientation, the very act as recognising one’s own position in space , becomes an existential experience of recognising how a place affects us at sensorial, emotional and cultural lavels.”

“Transiting across the surface, new pieces of the memory become avaliable to the user like a jigsaw puzzle gradually, fragment reveling an image.”

“Landscape with the intimate experince of walking, sensing, hearing and remembering what is lost.”


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