Inspiring articles

“I never made a painting as a work of art, it’s all research.“  P.Picasso

Every research starts with bibliography, inspiring quotes, ideas,intriguing places and moments etc,..

Here is a short list of articles (Performance research journal) which inspired me to start, develop or continue my artistic/ scenographic research.

Antarctic dream – ice as architecture of the human spirit, performance based on trilogy SinFin 2012, ANDREA PAGNES & VERENA STENKE, Performance research, 16-6, “On Ice”, 2013

Looking backwards to walk forward– Walking, collective memory and site specific of the interculutural in site.specific performance, LUIS CARLOS SOTELO, Performance reserach , 15- 5, ” On foot”, 2010

Disembodied Landscapes, PETRA GEINBOECK & FRANCESCA VERONESI, Performance reserach , 14- 4,  “Transplantation”, 2009

The right to hope, an interview with PETER SELLARS, Theaterschrift – “Utopia : Spirituality”, 13/98, 2008