Beside Visual Art and Fine Art pieces I am interested to create intimate, senzorial performances, where my reserach topic; HUMAN-NATURE comes infront.

As a scenographer and a director I am intersted to  perform natural material as a main character or with other words I am interested into creating a senzorial, interactive performances where human and nature come together.

So far, I have been exploring  an intercativity, mapping and walking as well as dance performances  (contemporary dance) which presents or ilustrates the topic.

Pieces which I have created so far;


  • “Walking through”, 2014 – Utrecht city and HetHuis Utrecht, NL / walking performnace
  • “Aqua-Hominum”, 2016 – HKU Akademie Theatre, Utrecht NL / intreactive dance performance or a water ritual
  • “Mapping memories: Human: Drau / Mapiranje spominov: Človek: Drava, 2017 – Festival Drava, Mariborski otok /An island of Maribor, SLO