Prints and Connections of the Earth


A pattern of vain is printed in our bodies. It is  a unique connection which we share with all living beings on Earth. Through this pattern, we breath, we live. Blood is circulating through nerves, pumped up with the energy or electricity which gives our body a beat of life. The sky and the Earth are neverendlessly connected with this pattern; from the roots of the plants, to rivers and lightning storms, back to the floor, tree trunks and finally, leafs which collect water and minerals. Also our cities are connected with the same pattern, circulating with the same beat,  electricity and therefore, a life. Vains are a pattern of life.




Vains are represented on a graphical paper, as a »neverending« drawing of a black pen and a pencil. It grows fro the floor, through prints (Vernis-mou technic) of a tree leafs, which are most clearly signed with this unique pattern. Through the sounds of the; electricity, lightening, Nitroglycerin (which is most common ingredient with  oily texture) which flow through our vains, heartbeat and breath, spectator  gets the idea of »a whole picture«; the same pattern can be seen and heared in all living beings, even in the sky. Mentioned sounds are played on the  Mp3 which is  added by a magnet on the drawing (wall), so that spectator can listen sounds as coming directly from the pattern infront. One can feel all connections within himself, through the sound and image.



We are all connected with one pattern, therefore we are all one.


Spectator can listen the sounds straight from the drawing.