Aqua/Water   Terra/ the Earth   Locus/ Space  Galacium/ Ice



An installation about mapping the paintings as exploring the spheres of an ocean, Ice, soil and  an infinite  proportions of Space.

Exploring the paintings as observing spheres through the magnifiying glass and a voice who leads you through.

Looking through the magnifying glass

There will be four pieces, therefore also 4 videos about this amazing sphers. Here is the first one: Locus/Space.Text is inspired and summarized by itallian performance artists VestandPage and german philosopher P.Sloterdijk.

“In a curved time the sphere invents and designs things, holds them in existnace and perserves them in the memory.”

»In the sphere of time, there are no distancess,

In the sphere of time, there is no emptiness

In the sphere of time there are no rooms.«


Images are a processual works occuring under the leadership of the automatic painting. It is therefore,  a partial-managed process, where liquid paint takes its path through the canvas. Each application is a new layer, a new image, which leaves a trace. Layered together, they create water landscapes, shapes and textures. »Painting with a water«,  is spontaneous, intuitively guided process.  The author must first master a technique of automatism, then have the power of a discipline.  To find a balance between mind and intuition is a process which creates sensational and evocative work. “Stain” or an element may be active or passive. A passive one will create a conceptual piece, but if the stain is active, the piece is processual. At the same time, the essence of a processual art lies precisely in the anthropological tie with the original. The creation of anti-form turns us back to soil, to basic materialism where any form disintegrates, results in a new form. This leads to the appearance of stains that are falling apart or together as all biological structures. They are reminding us of the chemical reactions of each item or creature in the universe. In references to this can be find in the works of Marx Ernst. He has discovered his fantasy landscapes, structures, or supernatural beings precisely through the processual paintings. (N.Gnamuš 2010, Visual models of modernism)


Water landscapes  are  presented in its diversed colours, shapes and textures. Their essence is to observe a macro-micro spheres; to see its particles or so to say ” to observe paintings details.” Through these images I aim to show water as spectrum; »A sphere of  shades and therefore, dimensions«. Finally, I would like  to bring the viewer closer to nature, its origin, and ultimately to himself.


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