interview with Helena Van Den Enden

In a previous week I got a unique opportunity to be a ‘silent witness’ of Helenas work in the dunes of Wassenar.

Helena Van den Enden is an interesting landscape  traveler who is always looking for a perfect but intuitively guided space in the infinite land.

Walking in silence or surrounded only with wind and bird calls we spent few hours in the dutch dunes.

My aim was not only to fallow her and witness her procedure, approach and way of working but also to learn how to find and make a choice of a particular space.

‘It was a walking meditation through the wastness of infinity, beauty of nature and art.’ 

‘Walking, smelling, touching the landscape is like exploring the skin of the mother earth.’ Helena Van den Enden

Helenas web site

She has also published a booklet called ‘Water and the wind’, where you can find more of her work/ photographies.