New miniatures

After a long time, I have created some new pieces, this time, it seems as crystals and vulcanic sand are calling my attetion. ‘Pinky tear’, 7x5cm, acrylics, 2021

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Heavy Iridescent Issue no.1

With pleasure and proud, I can announce that my art work ‘Between lightness and darkness’ has been selected for the first issue of German Art Megazine: Heavy Iridescent. ‘Between lightness and darkness’, 2020, acrylics, 100x 50 cm Please take a look of their full publication:

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new pieces, new reseach, new water path !

Aqua/Water –  Terra/ the Earth  – Locus/ Space –  Galacium/ Ice water paitnings/ processual paitings 2020 »Extreme environments. Constructed spaces. Living spaces.« »To hear their voices, the variations in tone, timbre and pitch…«  »A consiousness of an Ocean,…is always ready to begin the world anew. It is doubtful  wheater the individual imagination could raise itself […]

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Water paintings are processual work which apper by an automatic operation. It is, therefore, a partial-controlled process, of addition, elimination and substitution. Liquid paint and water are searching its combinations of micro patters just as soil and water do at the macro scale around the planet. Patterns of water shape the environment by the »laws« […]

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Mapping memories or new research about the river Krka /Galerija Simulaker NM/ Slovenia

    In the last six months I have been reseaching general problematics  and facts about river Krka, which is one of the “greenest rivers in Slovenia”. Krkas flow is quite slow and short, but  special for its region which is known for many caves and intermittent waters. Krkas problem is not its “city captivity” but […]

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Circiling/ Kroženje

Circiling/ Kroženje Photo: Miha Godec, Zavod/ Institute Kersnikova, Ljubljana, Slo, 2017 The project refers to the research of the circulation of a matter or a transpiration as a “universal system” that operates independently, at micro-macro levels. Transpiration allows the flow of nutrients from the roots to the higher parts of the plant, and also the […]

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