“Stones” are simply drawings of portraits observed in stones. At the same time, they are controlled gestual drawings consolidated with a concept of Land Art and Environmental art. With the help of photography, I was able to study and produce abstract images of faces in contemplation, made by wet pastel strokes on canvas. Lines of pastel or cracks in stones are completed with living plants such as Thyme, Camomile and Watercress. An aim of chlorophyll is to replace the colour and mossy surfaces of stones. All together, they create an “artistic meditation”, while representing a bond between man and nature.

Drawings on canvasses are put in wooden boxes or frames. Ultimately, they are spatial representations like stones in nature; monumental compositions of textures and shapes.

Legends say that sinner souls were caught in stones so that they would never be able to cause a sin again. Other stories tell us about “elementals of the Earth ” or souls of stones. Through the stories of a solider, an old man, a poet and a young man I have introduced three concepts of Land art; light, change and story. They are however, parts of our everyday life on Earth.


  • Second place / award at  “Primavera 2014” (Competition of young artists), DLUM, Maribor,  Slovenia



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