Layers of us

“Layers of us” /  layers of Earth : layers of human

Layers of us, found at the building area of river Lek, Vianen-Utrecht.

While observing my videos from  this area, spectator is invited to explore his own layers of; subcounscious, pre-conscious, and consciuos or “here and now” …

To map a dream, a memory, a story,.. to explore soil, clay and grass field, from som eother dimension /dimension of a camera which is projected parralleled with my observations of the river bed.

Stories of soil, clay, sand and water.

Explore it, touch it, smell it, searching for a story of yours,..

Find a memory, knowledge, or a dream,..

Anja Podreka

A drawing table is a tool for architects to do their designs: for building, city and so
on. Our world had been built up from the drawing tables in the old times, before computerand any drawing software were invented.

To reposition Anja’s work on this table with a live
camera attached on the mechanical part, gives an instruction to spectators that they can
use the camera to search and feel the soil layers in their own way.
In the space, the two beamers project two different video: the one in front of the
table, is the video made from Anja, the position where it is projected is for the
user(spectator) to watch and be guided while they are operating the camera; another
projection, is connected to the camera, it means when the spectator record the video, at
the same time, it will be projected on the wall. By this way, creating another layer of
spectatorship: one person watches the video from Anja and operates the camera, and
then others will watch Anja’s video, the person and the live camera projection

Yiling Hung