Aqua-Terra-Glaciem / Water-soil-ice   Recently, I have returned back to the painitng after 2 years of conceptual researching, installation making, multimedia and performance art. It is like a quite break, yet it feels like a whole new world has offered me to  explore it. It is icy and freezed landscape, many details are apperaing […]

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Aqua-Hominum, an interactive dance performance, of water and human. A reserach, based on relations of  specters of water and human corellation.  A purification ritual, inspired by Native American “Sweat Lodge”, “Chineese lantern night” and  “Dr. Emotos philosophy  Waters memory” . TO BE A WATER TO FEEL THE WATER TO PURIFY TO VIBRATE IN SPACE AND […]

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  AQUA-HOMINUM, an interactive, dance performance about the purification, a ritual and the correlations of water and human. A final piece has been performed on 11th of June, at Akademie theater at Janskerkhof, Utrecht, Nl. Our aim, to create a time and space for the inner connection , “a silence moment” and an emotional state […]

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final piece was performed!

  On 11th of June, Aqua-Hominum, a dance interactive performance was presented at Akademie theatre of HKU, at Janskekhof, Utrecht. We are proud and glad to know that our spectators had time and space to feel the water and its purification, calming affect. There are many new questions on the horizon but  also many of […]

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  You are kindly invited to  finally, participate at water performance or purification ritual. Aqua-Hominum is an interactive, dance performance, where spectator becomes a participant of a water/ purification ritual, inspired by Native American ritual the “Sweat Lodge.”   Take a breath, than a step into water, feel the water, be a water, purify and […]

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first try outs

  At the beginning of the previous week,  I have been given a chance to rehears with my team in the (school)theatre studio at Janskerkhof in Utrecht. In 3 days of rehearsals and tests we have menaged to finaly merge both of the danicng parts togehter in one piece also develop kind, sensitive invitation inside […]

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first tests, first model/ doc 2.1

  Four months of study, testing, trying out, thinking and drawing..have passed…Meanwhile, I got a precious gift: two dancers and an audio-technical help or a co creator! It has been not only fun and exciting but also spiritual and creative! So far, we have made first dancing tests, sound experiments and model testing. There is […]

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