new prints

It has been four years since I made my first etching print.

Finaly, I am publishing all of my best pieces, including fresh prints of Leafs!

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Vivae Picturae Arborum

detail 1

Drawings of trees bark at handmade paper. “Vivae picturae arborum” / Live drawings of trees, represent 7 types of trees and 3 types of living plants in the paper. All together they are  living, temporary, abstract images of nature.



Representation in the space:   water incubators made of plexi glass, help to keep the moisture and water itself gives clean minimalistic, natural look.




Tree Croquis

Small, quick sketches of trees and its characters, made in the forest while walking, visiting my “Cathedral”.

Drawings were made for a small  branch installation in 2013.





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water paintings

Tears I. acrylic, 70×50 cm , 2015

Tears II, Acrylic , 70x 50 cm 2015

otok 3
An Island II, 30×30 cm, Acrylic, 2014
otok 1
An island I, acrylic , 30x30cm, 2014

A Croc, acrylic, 2014, 70x40cm