Spring project with Sanna Danz

In this semester we had an opportunity to work with a stage designer Sanna Danz.

Our mission was to make an idea, proposal or an actual MEETING POINT with the title :

“Lets get togehter!”


My idea was to make an installation at which public is the main artist. It means, to make a half done work. Its main meaning is for people to meet under or around the installation. By meeting and gathering , an installation would be built by people them self. Main idea therefore, is the process of creating a piece of art together.

The concept arrives from the quote; “We are all part of a universal pattern”, which is a regular shape of Hexagonal.


This particular pattern can be find in almost all natural structures for instance not only in honeybee combs and sunflowers structures but also in most of the chemical structures which can bare multiple parts in one single form. Hexagonal form is commonly used in architecture, design and building fields because it is a universal pattern to hold many parts in one single form or shape.

I decided to use this pattern as one shape, which is in my case a curve shape or “a cave”. My intention is to create a cave under which people would meet and gather.


An important part are pieces, which my audience would add to the iron web of hexagonal forms or to the “cave form”. My plan is to use parts of a plastic bottles into which people would add their seeds. Seeds are symbols for life of course. In my case all together would mean;” to add a part of your life to unity of one pattern”. Furthermore, it also means to create a “cave of life” in which each of us has his /her own part.

To make a conclusion, my idea is about the process of meeting and gathering. My meeting point would be built or finished by its own public through time and space. At the same time life of plants would add a symbolic meaning of our life as temporary state of being. Finally, it is all about being part of one shape at the same time and place, to                                                                                                        participate, to add your part to a “bigger picture”.




IMG_4277 IMG_4276






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