water : human research 0.0

Water research


 Water : Human: Emotions/Sensibility

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To move, think and feel is vibriting in field of matter

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For the next few months I will be working on developing a performance or experience where my spectators become participants. Together with a dancer they will become a creative and moving audience. As a group they will take part in  a  water ritual  (sweat lodge-native American ritual) and find their water within.

This is a plan!

Here are some questions which I am (will be ) aksing myself through this research.

If you scroll down, you can listen my first soundscape- which I call 0.0 or “the cave soundscape”.

a.)Water on Earth

–       water is a base of life

–       it is also a matter which can change its shape and state

–       it has its own tastes : salty and sweet

–       it shapes rivers, lakes , seas and oceans,  it is like a blood of the Earth

–       water is cycling: from steam in the clouds to rain at earths floor, to liquid power which creates/ destroy lifes

–       water also comes from within Earths surface/ground: caves/ water caves

–       it passes through space and time of the Earths floor and sky

–       Q: Does water has a memory? I fit does, does it/ could it remember its own history: places, people or time where it has been so far?

–       Q: Can a water cave be experienced as a human womb? Are the water caves an origin of life?

b.)Water  and /in human

–       Human body consists 80% of water.

  • We are born in  a water womb.
  •  Q: Are we born and created in a salty water?

–       Tears: salty water inside of the human body

–       Q: Why are tears salty, why are all human liquids salty?

–       A water which comes on our skin surface , through an eye(window of the soul) only when we feel deep emotions.

–       Q:Does it  salty-ness has any connection with the ORIGIN? The big ocean where we all come from?

–        If water has a memory, could tears have a memory? A memory of its emotions?

–       Water rituals in human history : purification or morning.

–       When we move in the water or on its surface `; we make waves: waves of vibration