first tests and experiments o.1

After 3 months of study and research , my first model is build and ready to test!



My first experiments were more based on water-light reflections, sounds of water and its movements. Idea and concept has been developed to a circle shaped pool- a  dance floor. The floor itself will not only be a water dance performance but also a place of a water ritual.

However, here is the first model, first light -improvisation (which will be improved soon by light design studio ILO, Amsterdam) and also a documentation of sound vibration on the waters surface.

For making this vibrations, I have used low bass sounds, 100hz, 140hz.





It makes great rippels and vibrations on the water surface, but for now, it will stay only an experiment. Its vibration is not useful for a light reflections (for now) also  the sound is not inviting.




To sum up, its a first visual step towards reality!