first try outs


At the beginning of the previous week,  I have been given a chance to rehears with my team in the (school)theatre studio at Janskerkhof in Utrecht.

In 3 days of rehearsals and tests we have menaged to finaly merge both of the danicng parts togehter in one piece also develop kind, sensitive invitation inside the pool.

We are on the half way. There are still  many questions to be answered, many tests and rehearsals to be done…slowly but surely we are getting there!

Here is the recording of our first “open public rehearsal.”  14.4. 2016






In the next week, we will be rehearsing in the real, Groote Zaal! (Big hall) – HKU Utrecht.

New ideas and proposals which are on the list  are :

  • How to make, build, develop a technic of making the ” Womb” / tent ?
  • How to bring more deepness, more ” my reason why” which is also “spectators reason why”( meaning : feeling a lost, letting it go and finaly , make a step forward as purified of pain which caused tears,..Could that be ” my reason why”?)
  • At the end, to develop a performance and self depended installation where water and human come togther as two beings but one matter.

Will be continued…