AQUA-HOMINUM, an interactive, dance performance about the purification, a ritual and the correlations of water and human.

A final piece has been performed on 11th of June, at Akademie theater at Janskerkhof, Utrecht, Nl.

Our aim, to create a time and space for the inner connection , “a silence moment” and an emotional state of letting it go…was delivered to each participant of the purification ritual.

A ritual has been created by the inspiration of a Native American Sweat Lodge and Chineese “Lantern evening”.

A performance presents water as a spectrum: of emotions, shapes and states, characters and inner spheres. All togehter, it is a ritual, an event to celebrate the grief, and a water which is inside and outside of the human spirit.

Untill we are patiently waiting for a representative video, you can take a look of the latest photographs, taken while the acctual performance.


Photographs: Baldwin Henderson

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