Veins: up-dating a transpiration cycle


Transpiration of human and nature.


Transpiration cycle has started one week ago.

It will become an eco system of human blood, nails and hair (in liquids of NaOh and hydrogen peroxide) and natural ingridents: mudd and plants.

Thhrough out 3 weeks of time I am checking the temperature and humidity in the jar (by Arduino and thermo sensor). There is approximately 24c in the jar and between 60-40% of humidty. The exact numbers are hard to be determind, because of everyday variations.

The water cress and the climber  weed are nicely growing within mentioned conditions. (picture missing).


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At the same time, I have menaged to create 3V of an electricity from the mudd (Ljubljanas swamp place “Barje”). Therefore the final idea is to create a web “of veins” which will connect 12 jars of mudd with a jar containing human ingridients.


At the end, I would like to create a workshops for children and adults to learn about the eco-electricity and mulitply my product with their own personal ingrdients. Within this workshops I will be able to create a space of  an eco-electrical veins including indivdual eco-systems of man and nature.