first tests, first model/ doc 2.1

  Four months of study, testing, trying out, thinking and drawing..have passed…Meanwhile, I got a precious gift: two dancers and an audio-technical help or a co creator! It has been not only fun and exciting but also spiritual and creative! So far, we have made first dancing tests, sound experiments and model testing. There is […]

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first tests and experiments o.1

After 3 months of study and research , my first model is build and ready to test!   My first experiments were more based on water-light reflections, sounds of water and its movements. Idea and concept has been developed to a circle shaped pool- a  dance floor. The floor itself will not only be a […]

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water : human research 0.0

Water research Comparison  Water : Human: Emotions/Sensibility TO MOVE = TO BE ALIVE To move, think and feel is vibriting in field of matter For the next few months I will be working on developing a performance or experience where my spectators become participants. Together with a dancer they will become a creative and moving […]

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new prints

It has been four years since I made my first etching print. Finaly, I am publishing all of my best pieces, including fresh prints of Leafs!

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Spring project with Sanna Danz

In this semester we had an opportunity to work with a stage designer Sanna Danz. Our mission was to make an idea, proposal or an actual MEETING POINT with the title : “Lets get togehter!” My idea was to make an installation at which public is the main artist. It means, to make a half […]

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“Layers of us” /  layers of Earth: layers of human Layers of us, found at the building area of river Lek, Vianen-Utrecht. While observing my videos from  this area, spectator is invited to explore his own layers of; subcounscious, pre-conscious, and consciuos or “here and now” … To map a dream, a memory, a story,.. […]

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