“Building, rehearsing, thinking&processing”

“It has been six months since I started making this performance. It feels like I was just thinking and sketching so far, the real work has just started or is still about to come. There are few words constantly running in my head:
It is about life, breath, movement, rebirth, purifing, to feel the water, to be a water, to touch it, smell it, to be a commnunity, to vibrate in space and time,..etc.

Here is a new one :
Nothing is still, everything is changing, circiling, floating. Water can not be fixed or stopped, it flows. So, I decided to listen to it and flow.”

A process of building is almost finished!

Here are some pictures of my ” artistic labour  days”

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1st. stage : curving the iron edge


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2nd stage : making the floor (1st part)


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2nd stage : making the floor / waterproofed floor- PVC plastic 2nd part

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3d stage: banding PVC sticks to create “a cabriolet system” for the tent

As you can see it has been almost a month of a hard work  and more or less technical way of thinking. After all, I am glad to finally see the result infront of me, just like I imagned it.

Next step: suing the tent!

22m of beautiful bege canvas.