A dance of water and human dancing with water

It has been a period of rehersals and tests!

Finally, here is a clearer idea about our dance performances.

My water ritual will have two dancing parts as an introduction into spectators participation . At the same time, whole performance is meant to be a ritual to honour and be aware of correlation between human and water.

Therefore, we will start with introducing “a water”- Yulia Kalinchenko.

She is a water- it flows, it moves constantly. It can be gentle as a drop, mysterious as a pond or lake, quick and smooth as a stream, fast as a river, mesmerizing as whirl, unstoppable as a wave of the sea, deep and destructiable as an ocean…





After water  has created life on Earth…human has been born..in a water.

“Human dancing with a water”- Rebbecca Collins

What is a water? What is human relation to it and waters relation to human?

It can purify us/ clean our body, it feeds us, gives us minerals to live , to breath..

but it can be dangerous to us as well- can human be dangerous to water?

It is all connected no?

We are all one.