researching on Boukje Schweigman

         Boukje Schweigman, inspired me with her non-verbal approach, which makes strong emotional and sensorial effects.        I like the way she approaches and engages her spectators as well as development of the performance through                   space and time.  Schweigman performances always […]

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Vivae Picturae Arborum

Drawings of trees bark at handmade paper. “Vivae picturae arborum” / Live drawings of trees, represent 7 types of trees and 3 types of living plants in the paper. All together they are  living, temporary, abstract images of nature. Representation in the space:   water incubators made of plexi glass, help to keep the moisture […]

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Tree Croquis

    Small, quick sketches of trees and its characters. Observation of the forest while walking, visiting my “Cathedral”. Drawings were made for a small  branch installation in 2013. size: 10x20cm        

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